Requirements for Publications Published by Graduate Students

Requirements for Publications Published by Graduate Students 
to Fulfill the Publication Requirements for Graduation


 The SIIT Executive Committee approved the requirements for publications published by graduate students to fulfill the publication requirements for graduation. These approved requirements will apply to all publications submitted to journals or conferences from the 1st Semester/2023 (August 15, 2023) onwards. The requirements are as follows:



Master’s Degree

Doctoral Degree

1. Number of Authors
No condition
2. First Author / Corresponding Author
No condition
The doctoral student must be the first author or
the corresponding author.
3. Author Affiliations
  1. To be counted toward graduation, the student’s affiliation in a publication must be listed as “Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology, Thammasat University.”
  2. If a journal or conference only permits the use of the highest level organization in an affiliation, the student may list their affiliation as “Thammasat University” provided that they provide evidence of the journal or conference’s requirement.
  3. For a student enrolled in a dual or joint degree program that operates under an MoU with a partner university, the student may include an affiliation with the partner university if it is one of the degree awarding institutions. In this case, the publication will count as one publication toward the student’s graduation.
  4. If the student’s affiliations include additional institutions not covered by condition 3, SIIT and any partner university covered by condition 3 will be regarded as a single entity. The contribution to the publication will be divided equally among all institutions, with SIIT and the partner university considered as a combined entity. However, only the portion of the contribution shared by SIIT and the partner university as a combined entity will count toward the student’s graduation.
  5. Institutions providing financial support for the study should be acknowledged in the Acknowledgments section of the publication.
4. Acknowledgement of SIIT Scholarships

If the student receives a scholarship from SIIT, the student must acknowledge SIIT scholarship in the acknowledgement section. Example may be as follows: "The Xth author acknowledges the (Scholarship's name) awarded by Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology, Thammasat University," or any other statement that conveys the same meaning. (27th/2023 SIIT Executive Committee Meeting)

5. Student’s Contribution
No condition
Not less than that of any co-author
6. Authors’ Contributions Form
 (with signatures from all authors)
Required for journal papers
7. Publication Sharing
Each publication can be used for the graduation of only one student.


13th/2023 SIIT Executive Committee Meeting

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