Guidelines for classifying international conferences
The Board of Trustees acknowledged the revisions of guidelines for classifying international conferences. The revisions are effective on March 19, 2016 onwards (based on the submission date).The revised guidelines are as follows:
1. Conference committees, such as organizing committees, scientific committees, or    technical committees, comprise experts from at least 3 countries.
2. Papers presented at the conference are submitted by authors from at least 3 countries.
3. Full papers are in English.
4. Papers must be peer-reviewed before acceptance.
1. If the above no. 1-4 are satisfied, a conference organized by a local organization can be classified as an international conference.
2. A conference identified by the organizer as a “national conference” is not an international conference.
3. A conference organized by predatory organizers or publishers such as those listed in Beall’s list is not classified as an international conference. 
4. SIIT faculty members’ international conference papers will be counted only if the full papers are published in the proceedings of the international conferences (hard copy, CD, or online).
5. Posters and papers with abstracts only are not counted.