Book Drop Boxes & Lockers

Book Drop Boxes
There are two library return boxes, located in front of SIIT Library, at both Rangsit Campus and Bangkadi Campus. You will find these boxes after library hours and you can drop the checked out items there.

However, only books that are borrowed from SIIT Library can be returned at the box.

For the overdue books, you can contact the Circulation Counter later for the fine payment. Overdue fines are calculated from the due date to day the items are returned at the box.

SIIT Library has lockers available for temporary storage on a first-come basis. Students are not allow to leave any personal belongings overnight.

To get the locker key, please contact the circulation counter to exchange the student ID card or other identification card there. 

Please be aware there are fines for the late return of lockers keys. The fine is 20 baht per day.