Group Study Rooms Reservation
Rules and regulations for using group study rooms
​1. The rooms are available for SIIT students, SIIT faculty members, and staff only.
2. Users may reserve a room for up to 2 hours per day.
3. The room is available for more than 2 persons.
4. In the case of not returning a key card on time, a user has to pay a fine of 30 Baht per hour.
5. In the case of losing or having any damage to a key card, the user has to pay a fine of 200 Baht.
6. Do not make loud noise or disturb other users.
7. Do not eat or drink in the room.
8. Do not leave personal belongings in the room. In the case of a loss, the responsibility is not the library.
9. Do not use the room for any other activities that are not related to education, for example, a student activity meeting.
10. For violation of any rule, the library staff has the authority to cut a user’s right for using the room as appropriate

How to reserve the group study room
        1. Please contact the library staff at the circulation counter to reserve a group study room.
        2. A user has to contact the library staff to receive a key card, exchanged with a user’s identification card.
        3. In the case a user does not contact library staff within 15 minutes of the reservation period, the reservation will be deemed cancelled, and the library will also keep the user’s name on a blacklist. After 2 times, the user’s right of reservation will be cut for 7 days.
        4. If a user would like to reserve a room for the next hour, please contact the library staff before using the room.
        5. A user has to return the key card at the circulation counter at the end of the period.

        - For problems, please contact the library staff at the circulation counter.
        - The service time for a group study room might be adjusted appropriately.